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Name:Jizong Jiao

Title: Professor  Master advisor 

Graduate College:Lanzhou University


Academic degree:

On-the-job information:Incumbency


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Learning Experience

2012:  Ph.D , Earth System Science,  Lanzhou University  

2005 :  M.S. , In the Development and Application of GIS, Lanzhou University 

2000:  In Computer Applications , Lanzhou University, 

Research Direction

Spatial Analysis of GIS

Land change science and methods

Natural disaster assessment and risk analysis

Deep learning and Application

Geospatial data analysis and modeling


1. Practice of cartography

2. 3D modeling Based on GIS

3. Map and design


Representative works in recent five years:

[1] Bin Xiao, Jiamin Liu, Jizong Jiao*, etc. Modeling Dynamic Land Use Changes in the Eastern Portion of the Hexi Corridor, China by CNN-GRU Hybrid Model, GIScience & Remote Sensing,2022,3,DOI: 10.1080/15481603.2022.2037888.
[2]  Jiamin Liu,BinXiao,Jizong Jiao*,etc,  Modeling the response of ecological service value to land use change through deep learning simulation in Lanzhou, China, Science of The Total Environment,2021,V 796(20), DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.148981 
[3] Jiamin Liu,Bin Xiao,Yueshi Li,Xiaoyun Wang,Jizong Jiao*,Simulation of Dynamic Urban Expansion under Ecological Constraints Using a Long Short Term Memory Network Model and Cellular Automata,Remote Sensing, 2021, 13(8), 1499-1512.  
[4] Jiamin Liu, Yueshi Li , Bin Xiao , Jizong Jiao*,Coupling Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and Clustering Algorithm for MSW Landfill Site Selection (Case Study: Lanzhou, China), ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2021, 10(6), 398-403. 
[5] Baocheng Wei, Yaowen Xie, Xiaoyun Wang, Jizong Jiao. Land cover mapping based on time-series MODIS-NDVI using a dynamic time warping approach: A casestudy of the agricultural pastoral ecotone of northern China. Land Degrad Dev. 2019;1–19.
[6] Xie Yaowen, Jiao Jizong, Wang Xiaoyun, Practice Course of Cartography, Lanzhou University Press (2018), 180 thousand words (Monograph). (In Chinese)
[7] Jiao Jizong, Spatial and Temporal Changes and Simulation of Land use in Minqin oasis, Lanzhou University Press (2015), 210 thousand words(monograph). (In Chinese)
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[9] Sijia He , Xiaoyun Wang , Jingru Dong, Baocheng Wei , Hanming Duan, Jizong Jiao* (2019), Three-Dimensional Urban Expansion Analysis of Valley-Type Cities: A Case Study of Chengguan District, Lanzhou, China, doi:10.3390/su11205663.
[10] Du Ting, Jiao Jizong* (2019), Land use classification system and IGBP classification system of Chinese Academy of Sciences, A case study of ecotone of agriculture and animal husbandry in Northwest China. Journal of Lanzhou University (SCIENCE EDITION). (In Chinese)
[11] Du Ting, Jiao Ji-zong*, Xie Yao-wen, Lu Hui(2019), Analysis of ecological environment changes from 2000 to 2015 in Qingyang, Gansu Province, Journal of Lanzhou University (Science Edition) 55(1), 27-32. (In Chinese)
[12] Dong Jinru, Jiao Jizong*, Wei Baocheng and Duan hanming(2019),The application of the bivariate equivalence region method for thematic map mapping, Science of Surveying and Mapping.
[13] Li Ruyan, Jiao Jizong*, Dong Jinru, Xie Yaowen(2019),A preliminary study on the design of digital map based on famous painting,Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping.
[14] Jiao Jizong, Yang Lu and Du Ting(2019,) Land Use/ cover in the Ecotone of agriculture and husbandry in Northwest China Based on GIS, Gansu science and technology,35(7):139-143. (In Chinese)
[15] Du Ting, Jiao Jizong*(2018),Method Exploration for Quantitative Evaluation of Salinization Using Landsat Satellite Image:A Case Study of Guazhou-Dunhuang Area, Hubei Agricultural Sciences,57(1). (In Chinese)
[16] C.X. Yuan, J.Z. Jiao* (2018),Optimization of Mapping Based on Points Mark, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, V 237(3).
[17] Jizong Jiao, Lijing Zhang(2015), Development and Application of Agricultural Composting Reactor Experimental equipment, Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology,8(5):316-321.
[18] Jizong Jiao, Jianming Zhang(2014), Quantitative analysis of the Land use impact on eco-environment based on GIS in Minqin oasis, Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, 32(6):5753-5758.
[19] Jiao Jizong, Xie Yaowen, et al., China earth site geographic information system (Software copyright, 2016), software registration No.: 2016sr377621.
[20] Jiao Jizong, Dong Jingru,Liu Jiamin, 3D geographic information system of Qilian Mountain(Software copyright, 2019), software registration No.: 2019SR1374656.
[21] Jiao Jizong (2017), A ventilation control system for laboratory, Invention Patent of the people's Republic of China (Authorized), ZL201510524935.4.
[22] Jiao Jizong (2018),An Air Quality Detection Device ,Invention Patent of the people's Republic of China (Authorized), ZL2016121900486720.
[23]  Jiao Jizong (2019),A personal protection system in laboratory(authorized),Invention Patent of the people's Republic of China (Authorized), ZL2016108949822.

Publishing Works

1. Case course of GIS Development (2011), Lanzhou University Press, the first author;

2. Simulation and analysis of land use spatio-temporal change (2015), Lanzhou University Press, the first author;

3. Cartographic practice guidance (2018), Lanzhou University Press, the second author;

4. Cartography (2021), National University geographic information science teaching series, Science Press, CO editor;

5. Changes and impacts of human activities in Qilian Mountains (2022), the second Qinghai Tibet scientific research series, Science Press, CO editor;

6. Green paper of Qilian mountain ecosystem development report (2020), social science literature press, CO editor;