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Name:Lei Liu

Title: Young researcher  Master advisor 


Graduate College:Nanjing University


Academic degree:PhD

On-the-job information:Incumbency


Initiation time:

Office location:

Mail box:liuleigeo@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2017.10-2018.10, visiting scholar, Department of Earth and Environment, Boston University
2014.09-2019.06, Doctor, School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, Nanjing University
2010.09-2014.06, Bachelor, School of Surveying and Urban Spatial Information, Henan University of Urban Construction 

Research Direction

Atmospheric chemistry, including global surface NH3 and NO2 estimates, Nitrogen deposition.

We use the following techniques:
(1) Satellite remote sensing (NO2 and NH3)
(2) Atmospheric chemical transport modeling (GEOS-Chem and MOZART)
(3) Biogeochemical modeling (Biome-BGC and DNDC)
(4) Field measurement including greenhouse gases and N deposition.

We are particularly devoted to modeling the regional nitrogen deposition based on satellite NO2 and NH3 data and atmospheric transport modeling, and assessing nitrogen deposition on the ecosystem using the biogeochemical models. Our research interests include climate change, air pollution, chemical transport modeling and atmospheric remote sensing.

Work Experience

2019.07-, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University. 

Publishing Works

Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Xuejun Liu, Baojing Gu, Yan Zhang, Yi Li, Wen Xu, Stefan Reis, Xuehe Lu, Shanqian Wang, Wuting Zhang, Limin Zhao, Zhen Wang, Xiaodi Wu, 2018. Fall of oxidized while rise of reduced reactive nitrogen deposition in China. 

Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Anthony Y.H. Wong, Wen Xu, Xuejun Liu, Yi Li, Huan Mi, Xuehe Lu, Limin Zhao, Zhen Wang, Xiaodi Wu, 2018. Global distribution of ground ammonia concentrations derived from satellite Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) observations.

Published as the first author

1. Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Yan Zhang, Wen Xu, Xuejun Liu, Xiaomin Zhang, Junlan Feng, Xinrui Chen, Yuehan Zhang, Xuehe Lu, Shanqian Wang, Wuting Zhang, Limin Zhao, 2017. Dry Particulate Nitrate Deposition in China. Environmental Science & Technology, 51(10): 5572-5581.
2. Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Wen Xu, Xuejun Liu, Yi Li, Xuehe Lu, Yuehan Zhang, Wuting Zhang, 2017. Temporal characteristics of atmospheric ammonia and nitrogen dioxide over China based on emission data, satellite observations and atmospheric transport modeling since 1980, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17, 9365-9378.
3. Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Wen Xu, Xuejun Liu, Xuehe Lu, Dongmei Chen, Shanqian Wang, Wuting Zhang, 2017. Estimation of monthly bulk nitrate deposition in China based on satellite NO2 measurement by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument. Remote Sensing of Environment, 199, 93-106.
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8. Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Taiyang Zhong, Shanqian Wang, Wuting Zhang, Limin Zhao, 2017. Spatial Distribution and Risk Assessment of Copper in Agricultural Soils, China, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 23(6), 1404-1416. 
9. Lei Liu, Xiuying Zhang, Taiyang Zhong, 2015. Pollution and health risk assessment of heavy metals in urban soil in China. Human & Ecological Risk Assessment, 22, 424-434.

Published as the co-author

1. Xiuying Zhang, Xiaowei Chuai, Lei Liu, Wuting Zhang, Xuehe Lu, Limin Zhao, Dongmei Chen, 2018. Decadal trends in wet sulfur deposition in China estimated from OMI SO2 columns. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Accepeted and online. 
2. Wen Xu, Lei Liu, Miaomiao Cheng, Yuanhong Zhao, Lin Zhang, Yuepeng Pan, Xiuming Zhang, Baojing Gu, Yi Li, Xiuying Zhang, Jianlin Shen, Li Lu, Xiaosheng Luo, Yu Zhao, Zhaozhong Feng, Jeffrey L. Collett Jr., Fusuo Zhang, Xuejun Liu, 2018. Spatial-temporal patterns of inorganic nitrogen air concentrations and deposition in eastern China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18, 10931-10954.
3. Xiuying Zhang, Wuting Zhang, Xuehe Lu, Xuejun Liu, Dongmei Chen, Lei Liu, Xianjin Huang, 2018. Long-term trends in NO2 columns related to economic developments and air quality policies from 1997 to 2016 in China. Science of the Total Environment, 639, 146-155.
4. Wuting Zhang, Xiuying Zhang, Lei Liu, Limin Zhao, Xuehe Lu, 2018. Temporal and spatial variations of atmospheric NO2 concentration in North China Plain with multi-source Satellite Remote Sensing. Journal of Remote Sensing, 2, 1-12.
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9. Wen Xu, Yuanhong Zhao, Xuejun Liu, Anthony J. Dore, Lin Zhang, Lei Liu, Miaomiao Cheng, 2018. Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Yangtze River basin: Spatial pattern and source attribution. Environmental Pollution, 232, 546-555.
10. Shanqian Wang, Xiuying Zhang, Yuandan Ma, Xinhui Li, Min Cheng, Xiaomin Zhang, Lei Liu, 2018. Detecting Sulfuric and Nitric Acid Rain Stresses on Quercus glauca through Hyperspectral Responses. Sensors, 18, 830.