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Name:Jianhui Chen

Title: Recipient of NSFC Excellent Young Scholar Grant  Professor  Ph.D. advisor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University

Education: Graduate student

Academic degree:Doctor

On-the-job information:Incumbency

Unit: Institute of Climate Change and Response

Initiation time:2009

Office location:

Mail box:jhchen@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2009:  PhD, Physical Geography, Lanzhou University
2003:  BSc, Physical Geography, Lanzhou University

Research Direction

Environmental and Climatic Changes, Paleolimnology, Paleoecology

Work Experience

2016-Present: Professor, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University
2016-2017: Visiting Scholar, J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, University of Arkansas, USA
2012-2016: Associate Professor, MOE Key Lab of Western China's Environmental Systems, Lanzhou University
2009-2012: Lecturer, MOE Key Lab of Western China’s Environmental Systems, Lanzhou University
2012: Visiting Scholar, Department of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway


1.Physical Geography
2.Past Global Change

Part-time Academic Job

Associate Editor of SCIENCE CHINA Earth Science, Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology
Reviewer for more than 10 international journals including Nature Communications, Geology, JGR, GRL, Climatic Dynamics, QSR, etc.
Deputy Secretary-General of Committee on Environmental Change & Environmental Archaeology, Geographical Society of China (GSC)
Member of Committee on Abrupt Climate Change, Chinese Association for Quaternary Research (CHIQUA)

Research Findings

An in-depth knowledge of past climatic changes and regional environmental responses is of profound significance to the long-term projection of future environmental conditions in a warming world. Focusing on this topic, Prof. Jianhui CHEN has improved the understanding of the climatic history and mechanism on sub-orbital and centennial timescales over the mid-latitude Asia – using Chironomidae (Diptera: Insecta) as a major proxy, and a novel procedure of pollen-based quantitative reconstruction.
The main achievements include the following aspects: (1) The application of a new proxy in China and the development of a new method for climatic and environmental reconstruction; (2) The spatial pattern and possible mechanism of hydroclimatic changes over Asia during the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age; (3) The evolution history of East Asian summer monsoon precipitation during the Holocene and its driving factors.
In recent years, Jianhui CHEN has published more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals (including Nature Climate Change, Quaternary Science Reviews, Earth-Science Reviews, Climate Dynamics, etc.), eight of which was selected by Essential Science Indicator as top 1% "highly-cited papers".

Achievement Of Honor

2018 State Natural Science Award (Second Class), P.R.China (Achiever No 2)
11th Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Youth Science and Technology Award
2013 Natural Science Award (Second Class), Ministry of Education (Achiever No 3)

In-progress Projects

Paleolimnology and Paleoclimatology. National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41822102, 2019-2021), RMB 1,300,000, Principal Investigator.
Hydro-Climatic Change and Spatial Pattern since the Holocene in Arid Central Asia. National Key R&D Programs on Global Change and Adaptation (No. 2018YFA0606401, 2018-2023), RMB 5,000,000, Core Member.
Spatial-Temporal Differentiation and Driving Mechanism in Climatic Changes over Arid and Semi-Arid Region, Northern China. National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41790421, 2018-2022), RMB 3,400,000, Core Member.

Publishing Works

Peer-reviewed Papers (*=corresponding author, #=co-first author)
1.	Chen, F.H.*#, Chen, J.H.#., Huang, W.#, Chen, S.Q., Huang, X.Z., Jin, L.Y., Jia, J., Zhang, X.J., An, C.B., Zhang, J.W., Zhao, Y., Yu, Z.C., Zhang, R.H., Liu, J.B., Zhou, A.F., Feng, S., 2019. Westerlies Asia and monsoonal Asia: Spatiotemporal differences in climate change and possible mechanisms on decadal to sub-orbital timescales. Earth-Science Reviews 192, 337-354.
2.	Chen, J.H.*#, Liu, J.B.#, Zhang, X.J., Chen, S.Q., Huang, W., Chen, J., Zhang, S.R., Zhou, A.F., Chen, F.H., 2019. Unstable Little Ice Age climate revealed by high-resolution proxy records from northwestern China. Climate Dynamics, 53 (3), 1517-1526.
3.	Chen, J.H.*, Zhang, Z.P., Liu, J.B.*, Rao, Z.G., Huang, W., Zhang, X., Chen, S.Q., 2018. “North-South” dipolar mode of precipitation changes in eastern China extends to the Last Deglaciation. Science Bulletin 63 (24), 1604-1605.
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