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Name:Li Xiaoli

Title: Associate Professor  Master advisor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University


Academic degree:

On-the-job information:Incumbency


Initiation time:

Office location:

Mail box:lixiaoli@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2009:  PhD, Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University
2005:  Master, Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou University

Research Direction

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21407071)
The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (NO. lzujbky-2017-218, lzujbky-2014-123)

Work Experience

2013.07- present:  Associate Professor, Gansu Key Laboratory for Environmental Pollution Prediction and Control, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.


Water pollution control engineering


1.         Xiaoli Li,Haijun Lu,Yun Zhang,Fu He. Ef?cient removal of organic pollutants from aqueous media using newly synthesized polypyrrole/CNTs-CoFe2O4 magnetic nanocomposites. Chemical Engineering Journal 316 (2017) 893–902.
2.         Xiaoli Li,Yun Zhang,Lingyun Jing,Xinghua He. Novel N-doped CNTs stabilized Cu2O nanoparticles as adsorbent for enhancing removal of Malachite Green and tetrabromobisphenol A.Chemical Engineering Journal 292 (2016) 326-339.
3.         Xiaoli Li,Yun Zhang, Fu He, Lingyun Jing, Xinghua He. Fabrication of magnetic alginate beads with uniform dispersion of CoFe2O4 by the polydopamine surface functionalization for organic pollutants removal. Applied Surface Science 389 (2016) 567–577.
4.         Xiaoli Li, Yongxin Qi, Yanfeng Li,YunZhang,XinghuaHe,YonghuanWang.Novel magnetic beads based on sodium alginate gel crosslinked by zirconium(Ⅳ) and their effective removal for Pb2+ in aqueous solutions by using a batch and continuous systems. Bioresource Technology 142 (2013) 611–619