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Name:Zhuanjun Zhao

Title: Professor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University


Academic degree:

On-the-job information:Incumbency


Initiation time:

Office location:

Mail box:zhj_zhao@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2010:  PhD, Environmental Science, Lanzhou University
2002:  M.S, Physical geography, Lanzhou University
1999:  B.S, Geology, Lanzhou University

Research Direction

Soil contamination;  Adsorption and Immobilization of Heavy Metal

Work Experience

2021- :Professor,College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.
2011- 2020:  Associate Professor, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.
2006-2011:  Lecturer, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.
2002-2006:  Research Assistant, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.


1.Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing
2.Geotechnical engineering


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[2] Jing Li, Zhuanjun Zhao∗, Yiran Song, Yang You, Jie Li, Xiuwen Cheng. Synthesis of Mg(II) doped ferrihydrite-humic acid coprecipitation and its Pb(II)/Cd(II) ion sorption mechanism[J]. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2021.
[3] Zhuanjun Zhao,Yang You, Yiran Song, Jing Li, Jie Li. Synthesis of magnetized nitrogen-doped biochar and its high efficiency for elimination of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride by activation of peroxymonosulfate. Separation and Purification Technology. 2021, 258, 117977.
[4]Miaomiao Xu, Zhuanjun Zhao∗, Yiran Song, Jing Li, Yang You, Jie Li Evaluation of ferrihydrite-humic acid coprecipitate as amendment to remediate a Cd- and Pb-contaminated soil[J]. Geoderma.2020.361:114131.
[5]Miao Shi, Zhuanjun Zhao∗, Yiran Song,, et al.  A novel heat-treated humic acid/MgAl-layered double hydroxide composite for efficient removal of cadmium: Fabrication, performance and mechanisms. Applied Clay Science [J], 2020.187: 105482.
[6]Miaomiao Xu, Zhuanjun Zhao∗, Miao Shi, Liwei Yao, Tianfeng Fan, Zemin Wang. Effect of humic acid on the stabilization of cadmium in soil by coprecipitating with ferrihydrite[J].Environmental science and pollution research, 2019, 26(26):27330-27337.
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