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Name:Lanhui Zhang

Title: Associate Professor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University.


Academic degree:doctor

On-the-job information:Incumbency

Unit:MOE Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems

Initiation time:

Office location:

Mail box:lhzhang@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2011:  PhD, Meteorology Application, Lanzhou University.  

2003:  B.S. Computer science, Lanzhou University

Research Direction

Application and improvement of distributed hydrological model;  

Coupling regional climate model and hydrological model

Work Experience

2014-present:  Associate Professor, Key laboratory of west China’s Environmental System (Ministry of Education), College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.

2011 - 2014:  Postdoctor, Key laboratory of west China’s Environmental System (Ministry of Education), College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.


1.         Distributed hydrological model in watershed

2.         Python language


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