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Name:Wenrui Wang

Title: Associate Professor  Master advisor 


Graduate College:Chinese Academy of Sciences


Academic degree:Ph.D

On-the-job information:Incumbency

Unit:College of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Initiation time:2000

Office location:Guanyun Building

Mail box:wwrhx@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

2007:  PhD, Physical Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2000:  MSc, Human Geography, Lanzhou University
1996:  BSc, Geography Education, Northwest Normal University

Research Direction

Social-ecological coupling system
Tourism Geography and Planning
Social-Cultural Geography

Work Experience

2010.05- present: Associate Professor, Key laboratory of west China’s Environmental System (Ministry of Education), College of Earth and Environment Sciences, Lanzhou University.
2009.11-2010.11: Visiting Scholar, Northern Arizona University  


1.Tourism Geography and Tourism Planning
2.Human Geography

1.Advances of Human geography and Urban planning

Part-time Academic Job

Member of The Geographical Society of China (GSC)
Member of American Association of Geographers (AAG)

Research Findings

(1) Using Game Theory to understanding human-nature relationship based on ecological dis-services perspective.
(2) Constructed the framework of ecological services in arid area;
(3) Informed suitability conditions of desert tourism development;
(4) Put forward an China criterion draft of Tourism Impact on Ecology in Arid Protected Area

Achievement Of Honor

1 Excellent advisor to undergraduate thesis, 2017
2 Excellent advisor of "innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students", 2016


Selected publications:
[1] Huang, Y.Z., Fu, J., Wang, W.R., et al. Development of China's nature reserves over the past 60 years: an overview[J]. Land Use Policy, 2019,80: 224-232
[2] WANG Wenrui, TIAN Lu, TANG Qiong, DENG Xiaoyong. Game between ecosystem disservices and resident survival under ecological restoration: A case of the retreat of farmers led by the invasion of wild boars. Geographical Research, 2018, 37(4):772-782
[3] TANG Qiong, WANG Wenrui*, TIAN Lu, WANG Weiwei. Cognition and integrated assessment of farmers well-being in desert-oasis ecotone: Case of Shapotou. Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment, 2017, 31(5):51-56
[4] SHI Kun-bo, WANG Wen-rui*, YANG Yong-chun, SHAO Rui, ZHANG Wei-fang. Assessment on Vegetation Degeneration at the Tourist Spots in Grasslands Based on Entropy-weight Method. Arid Zone Research, 2016, 33(4):851-859
[5] Wang Yahui, Wang Wenrui*, Wang Weiwei. Assessment on Meso-and Micro-scale Desert Ecosystem Service——A Case Study on Shapoto Protection Zone in Ningxia. Journal of Ningxia University(Natural Science Edition). 2016, 37(1):106-111
[6] WANG Wen-rui, YE Yi-hao, WANG Ya-hui, LIU Hai-yang. Existence Value of the Ecosystem of the Desert Tourism Regions Based on CVM: A Case Study of Shapotou of China. Journal of Yunan Normal University(Humanitles and Social Sclences). 2013, 45(3):24-30
[7] Wenrui Wang, Yu Cheng, Chunhui Zhang, Chunhua Li, JunshengNie. Study on Eco-Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in Madoi County, Yellow River Source Regions, China [J]. International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), v4, n1, pIV643-IV646, 2008 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium - Proceedings

Publishing Works

Tourism Impact on Ecology of Protected Area in Arid Region, China Environmental Science Press, 2017