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Name:Guoqiang Li

Title: Professor  Ph.D. advisor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University


Academic degree:Doctor

On-the-job information:Incumbency

Unit:Department of Geography

Initiation time:2012

Office location:Qilian Building 609A

Mail box:gqli@lzu.edu.cn

Learning Experience

Sep 2003 – Jun 2007:  Lanzhou University
Bachelor's degree, Geochemistry, Lanzhou, China
Oct 2010 – Apr 2013: Joint PHD degree project, University of Georgia, Department of Geography, Athens, United States
Sep 2007 – Jun 2012: Lanzhou University
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Physical Geography, Lanzhou, China

Research Direction

(1) The luminescence chronology of loess and lacustrine deposits in arid central Asia. 
(2) The dynamics of loess depositional process and its revealed orbital paleoclimatic changes in arid central Asia and their relationship to monsoonal East Asia.
(3) The paleohydrological changes of lakes at transaction of Westerlies and East Asian summer monsoon.
(4) Spatial-temporal variation of precipitation of Westerlies and East Asian summer monsoon at transaction of arid central Asia to humid East Asia.
(5) The mechanism of orbital climate changes in arid central Asia.

Work Experience

Augest 2018 – Present: Professor Lanzhou University, Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems, Lanzhou, Gansu Sheng, China
May 2014 – July 2018: Associate Professor Lanzhou University, Key Laboratory of Western China’s Environmental Systems, Lanzhou, Gansu Sheng, China
May 2014 – May 2014: Visiting Scholar, Technical University of Denmark, Center for Nuclear Technologies Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan 2013 – Jun 2013: Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Jul 2012 – Apr 2014: Lecturer, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China


1.  Undergraduate Courses: Physical Geography, Desert Science, Global climate Change and Human Civilization, Deserts and Civilization
2.  Postgraduate Courses: Luminescence dating, Global climate Change, Methodology of Physical Geography Research.

Research Findings

The candidate is mainly focused on luminescence dating and paleoclimatic changes. Based on systematically studies of quartz and K-feldspar luminescence dating of eolian and lacustrine records in arid central Asia (ACA), high resolution age-depth modelling of the late Quaternary sediment of ACA was established, which shows that depositional hiatuses of >50 ka are appeared in ACA loess sequences. The pattern and mechanism of climatic changes in ACA on glacial-interglacial cycles and inside interglacial, and their relationship to that in East Asia are clarified. The boundary of EASM-precipitation and Westerlies-precipitation dominances at NW China are explored. These studies provide valuable perspective for understanding the mechanisms of climate change in drylands at NW China and interaction of East Asia summer monsoon and Westerlies at different timescales. The candidate published a total of 54 research paper that include 41 SCI papers (21 SCI papers in high level Journals including Earth and Planetary Science Letters and Quaternary Science Reviews as the first or/and first corresponding author), which have been cited more than 1000 times by scientific journal. 

Achievement Of Honor

Cuiying Scholar of Lanzhou university


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