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Name:Wenli Qiang

Title: Associate Professor 


Graduate College:Lanzhou University


Academic degree:

On-the-job information:Incumbency


Initiation time:

Office location:


Learning Experience

PHD  2009 Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research,CAS,Beijing,PRC
BS    2005 China Agricultural University,Beijing,PRC

Research Direction

Natural resource flows ,resource and environment management

Work Experience

7/2014-,lecturer,Resources and Environment Institute of Lanzhou University.


Mathematical Modeling、Rural geopraphy and Rural development


1  Wenli Qiang, Aimin Liu, et al. Agricultural trade and virtual land use: The case of China’s crop trade [J]. Land Use Policy. 2013(33):141-150 (SSCI).
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3  Liang Man, Shuwen Niu, Li Zhen, Wenli Qiang. International Comparison of Human Development Index Corrected by Greenness and Fairness Indicators and Policy Implications for China[J]. Social Indicators Research 2018, DOI : 10.1007/s11205-018-1912-5. (Online ISSN1573-0921)
4   Shuwen Niu ,Zhenguo Hong , Wenli Qiang, Yingdong Shi, Man Liang, Zhen Li. Assessing the potential and benefits of domestic solar water heating system based on field survey [J]. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy. DOI:10.1002/ep.12827 (Online).
5   Yongxia Ding, Wei Qu, Shuwen Niu, Man Liang, Wenli Qiang,Zhenguo Hong.Factors Influencing the Spatial Difference in Household Energy Consumption in China [J]. Sustainability 2016,8(12):1285.
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